Charlie Shrem Returns for a Steem Commercial - Vote for Your Favorite Idea !

$ 4651.475 SBD

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Before I was Bitcoin Charlie, I was known as Charlie Checkout for my funny product video reviews almost 10 years ago.

My first start-up I worked for a company Daily Checkout, a website that offered one stellar deal each day to online shoppers. One of the unique aspect of the simple, straight-to-the-point site were the humorous videos which featured the daily deals. Daily Checkout transferred ownership in 2009 as I shifted my efforts to the initial development stage of Bitcoin.

I've made dozens of product videos

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Simply put, we sell one product every day. If the product runs out, it is over. We have awesome products that we sell at unbelievably low prices and by buying from DailyCheckout you are contributing to the economy. How? Our extremely low prices and fast paced buying and selling goes into a well thought out and really complicated algorithm that was created by our overpaid “Business Development” department. (Notice the quotes)

Some say we are a government agency, and other’s say we’re part of an International conspiracy to take over the world. To be totally honest; we do have a hidden agenda. Our goal is to single-handedly bring the world out of its current financial crisis.

When I realized that I couldn't single-handedly bring the world out of its current financial crisis, I moved full time into Bitcoin.

Steem Commercial

I had a dream last night of reprising my old role as Charlie Checkout and doing a Steem commercial.

What would you like to see me do for a Steem commercial? I will take the most voted idea and make a commercial out of it (keeping it appropriate and legal)

Post your ideas now and vote for your favorite one!


$ 4651.475 SBD