Steemit Exclusive: Flippin Out: Original Song I wrote on House Arrest by Charlie Shrem

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Often I write music to deal with my emotions.

The day after I was arrested and split up with Courtney, I wrote this song and recorded myself singing it.

I wrote this in my journal:

I’m sitting in my bedroom, here in the basement of parents’ house. Alone with our dog, Ruby. She’s a Shih, Tzu. You know, that small yappy breed with long hair and eyes like Igor in Young Frankenstein. Every so often, Ruby sniffs my foot and tugs my ankle bracelet. It’s not the kind my dad manufactures in his jewelry business. My bracelet beeps when the batteries go low. It’s beeping now. Ruby hates the noise. She’s barking like crazy, attacking my foot. I better recharge before the Feds get angry. I lost my company. Then, I got strip-searched in JFK and lost my freedom.

I'm not the best of singers, but I hope you enjoy !


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Tell me if I'm wrong, but it happens a lot They get scared at things once they get hot We now know it's a recurring theme What happened to the American dream ? I turned around to see what that could be ? Next thing that happens I'm a detainee, agents And they yell and shriek Now I haven't seen my girlfriend In one whole week

I start to think that things are looking bad In prison they gave me a writing pad Here comes my legal team, they're set ting bail Please god help, I'll never survive in jail And now I'm thinking that I'm fed to sharks Against the wall, yeh they are throwin darts, fear And maybe sadness too Now let me take a good look at you!

I'm flipping out And my parents are sweating bullets I'm flipping out And my I'm counting down the minutes.

From the early on, Bitcoin was on the frontier We decided to change the way we've lived for thousands of years We fought with experts that they're incorrect Well what fees and middlemen, and a little respect? I ask the judge "Am I ever going home?" But he just looks and says you should have known Because laws, are here to protect our freedom I got my axe and spear and shield to fight in the coliseum

No more parties, I'm banned from cities No more court and work, can it get more shitty Now its only friends and the neighbroohod guys To go outside I must call the FBI I'm going crazy, yeh I'm on my way Just gotta learn all those crash phrases that I'll need to say Like Bitcoin, and I love you Cause I know if I don't say it we won't get through!

I'm flipping out… And I never shave my face Cause I'm too scared of this case And I'll never take a shower Cause in prison being large is power And my parents are sweating bullets And my I'm counting down the minutes. And my parents are sweating bullets And my I'm counting down the minutes. And my parents are sweating bullets And my I'm counting down the minutes. And now I'm starting to choke Hey! I wish for just one more toke

This song is based on Flippin Out by Blue Fringe

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$ 336.776 SBD