A Geek in Prison - A Life Series by Charlie Shrem (Part 2 - Day 1 Meet & Greet)

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This is Part 2 in a series about my life as a Geek in Prison. Click my name to follow me and check out my blog for the Preamble and Part 1. All names are changed to protect inmates privacy.

Cold day. I wore a pair of bad jeans and a shirt that I didn’t care about. Courtney and the family dropped me off in the parking lot and we all walked in together. It was a small room and I said to the Correctional Officer “My name is Charlie Shrem, and I’m here to self surrender”. He told me to say good bye to my family and walk through the door on my right. I turned to Courtney and gave her a big hug and said


A Geek in Prison - A Life Series by Charlie Shrem (Part 1 - Sentencing to Surrender)

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December 19th 2014, I stood up facing the judge and said:

Bitcoin is what I love and all I have. It’s my whole life. It’s what I’m on this earth to do, is to help the world see a financial system that does not discriminate and provide for corruption, and I think that bitcoin will do to money what e-mail did to the postal service. It allowed everyone to be equal. People in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, will have the same opportunities now with bitcoin, and because of this now, because you can move money instantly and information on a peer-to-peer system. And I think that’s really important. And if your Honor grants me that, I’d love to be back out there helping the world and making sure people don’t do stupid things like I did.


A Geek in Prison - A Life Series by Charlie Shrem (Preamble)

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There is no fool proof way to prepare for prison.

On March 30th I self surrendered to Lewisburg Federal Prison Camp after I was sentenced to two years for aiding and abetting an unlicensed money transmitting business, for which I am guilty.